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“Green” Olympics 2012?

“With great power, comes great responsibility”. Well, with big events, comes a big responsibility as well! The long-awaited Summer Olympics 2012 have finally arrived in London. A lot of people have been concerned with the kind of impact a huge scale event like the Olympics would have on the environment—especially the local environment. The London […]

How to Stay Cool without AC

    Not only does it save the environment, being green saves you money! Yes, we’re talking about cash. Summer can be unforgiving in terms of the heat. What do you do when it’s so hot outside AND inside? Probably buy an air conditioning unit so you feel like you are living in an igloo. […]


      Who else has been spending their time soaking under the sun after work and finding shelter in the basements at night this past week? I’m definitely not complaining about this hot weather because it leaves for so many activities! Activities which are usually free! Last week we discussed the importance of getting […]

Oh, Mister Sun, Sun

      “Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun, Please shine down on me” Don’t we all remember this song from our childhood? What about the times when we would spend the whole day outside when it is nice? Take a stick and dig dirt to make a batch of mud cookies. So what […]

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