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Lunch Time! Save Money, Calories, and the Planet with our Green Tips

                Like so many of us, you’re busy. Between work, friends, family, exercise, errands, and all of the other things you have to accomplish throughout your day, finding time to pack a lunch that’s healthy, nutritious, and waste-free may seem like an impossible task. However, it’s a lot […]

We got the Weekend Covered…

                    Great news! Happy Stan’s Recycling Services’ Resource Recovery Centre is now open on weekends from 11:00am – 4:00pm. So that means every Saturday and Sunday you can bring the happy folks at HSR your waste to recycle. What does that include?     Batteries   […]

A Zero Waste Economy: The Future of Metro Vancouver?

        A couple of weeks ago HSR Services attended the Zero Waste Conference. This interactive event discussed the crucial impact of design on our waste and our economy.       How can businesses create zero waste solutions? We examined how the following issues can steer this future. Organics Food composting is […]

Cut Your Scrap! Metro Vancouver Composts into a Greener Future

      On a mission to becoming the World’s Greenest City by 2020, Vancouver has taken a new stride in sustainability when they announced food scraps would be included in the weekly recycling program. Since almost 40% of the landfill is made-up of food scraps and other naturally compostable materials, this marks a major […]

A New Idea: Reinventing Yesterday’s Newspaper

     There are a lot more ways to recycle your old newspapers and junk mail than just throwing them in the blue bin. So before you chuck today’s headlines, maybe you should consider reinventing them. Here are some innovative ways to reduce, reuse,and recycle the news:  1. Wrap it up. Replace expensive giftwrap with […]

We Talk Workplace Sustainability at the Polaris Eco Fair

    What’s our favorite way to spend a warm, sunny Thursday afternoon in Vancouver?   Talking sustainability at the Polaris Eco Fair last week!   We were thrilled to meet so many people who are interested in creating a greener and sustainable workplace. From recycling hard drives to junk removal, we answered questions on […]

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