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Incinerate Incinerators

    Think incineration is a good thing? THINK AGAIN. Incinerators are heavy polluters. When materials like plastics and paper are burned through incinerators, it releases harmful chemicals and toxins in the air, which then seep into our environment. It’s a common misconception that this makes garbage disappear, but at least 22% is typically reduced […]

Hot Off the (Recycled) Press!

    There has been some exciting new things happening over here at Happy Stan’s. So before you fall of the edge of your seat, we’ll get straight to it! The Latest Zero Waste Canada Board Member: Happy Stan’s Jamie Kaminski!                     Zero Waste Canada is […]

Gamers, Take it to the Next Level and Recycle!

    Video games, like other electronics, can create large amount of e-waste. Just take a look around your house right now and you’re likely to see an electronic graveyard. We tend to only think big things like computers, TVs or cell phones as e-waste, but video games also contribute to the landfills. So before […]

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