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September 13th, 2017 • By: happy HSR Services



What is Zero Waste? The Zero Waste International Alliance defines it as “a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use.”

At Happy Stan’s Recycling, we offer Zero Waste Consulting Services. Our experienced associates provide expert advice regarding Zero Waste programs while guiding you through the process of Zero Waste Recognition and Certification. Whether it’s batteries, light bulbs, paper or large appliances, we try to help our customers not only recycle more but reduce their waste even further through process adjustments. We consult with each new client to assess their recycling needs, identify proper placement for equipment if needed, and develop a program for them.

Being Zero Waste aware is important for both individuals as well as businesses. Our Zero Waste Business Associates are trained in Zero Waste policies, principles, programs, and systems and help guide organizations and communities to achieve their goals. For businesses, we help by assessing your discard management system and providing recommendations for improvement. We also introduce your organization to International Zero Waste best practices, put together education and training programs for your organization, and provide timely reports which assess your progress.

Reducing waste is an important part of the process to becoming Zero Waste Certified, which is why we provide waste audits. We sort your waste into different categories by weight, and create a report to determine how your waste could be minimized or recycled instead. Waste audits can benefit your business in different ways. They provide expert opinions on how to manage your materials differently, which saves on costs. Audits present solutions for the disposal of hazardous materials that should not go to a landfill or burned in an incinerator. These practices will improve your business’s environmental performance, which can ultimately increase business.

With our consulting services, you can choose to achieve Zero Waste Recognition, or Zero Waste Certification. Recognition requires a verification of documents, whereas certification requires a facility audit.

Becoming a Zero Waste Business today, and we promise you’ll experience positive environmental, economic, and social impacts!






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Sun’s Out, Plugs Out! 10 Eco-Friendly Tips to Unplug and Save Energy This Summer

July 24th, 2017 • By: happy Eco Tips, Energy Saving Tips



We’re loving the sunshine in Metro Vancouver, and with it, the opportunity to cut back on electricity. From natural light and warmer temperatures to longer days and outdoor activities, summer is the perfect time to up your green game. To help, we’re sharing 10 eco-friendly tips to inspire you to unplug, get outside, and save energy over the next couple of months.

1. Take advantage of your windows. Turn off the air conditioner and open the window. Turn off the lights and open the curtains. Cost-effective and energy efficient, it’s as easy as it sounds.

2. Turn the page instead of the channel. Instead of watching endless TV shows and movies, exercise your mind with a good book. Why waste good weather curled up on the couch when you can read and enjoy nature at the same time?

3. Connect in real life, not on the web. Try having a technology free night. Spend time with friends and family, go outside, and take in the beautiful nature BC has to offer.

4. Pitch a tent and ditch the hotel. One way to unplug is to leave the outlets behind. Immerse yourself in the outdoors with a camping trip, enjoying games, activities, and fireside company. Tourism Vancouver shares five places to pitch your tent near Vancouver.

5. Turn off the ignition. Walking or riding your bike is not only good for the environment, but it will also save you money and give you exercise. If your destination is too far, take public transit or carpool to reduce emissions.

6. Hang-dry in the heat. Clothes dryers are one of the most energy hungry appliances that exist. Regardless of the weather, hang-drying is always the best option for drying your clothes, while the perk of sunshine speeds up the process.

7. Be water wise. While keeping your lawn green through the dry months is desirable, it also uses up copious amounts of water. Don’t leave your sprinkler running all day; do it early in the morning or later in the night when the least evaporation occurs.

8. Have an eco-friendly picnic. A good meal on a blanket in the park is the epitome of summer. To keep it green, eat with reusable or biodegradable cutlery and plates, and leave the park cleaner than you found it.

9. Take your workouts outside. Why exercise in a busy gym when you can run along a lake with stunning mountain views? Get off the machine and make the switch from a sweaty room to a breath of fresh air.

10. Perfect the backyard BBQ. Instead of using the oven, grill your food on the BBQ. Not only is it more energy efficient, but it’s also an excuse for friends and family to come together and eat outside.

How do you unplug in the summer? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let us know!

Happy Stan’s Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

April 26th, 2017 • By: happy Eco Tips, Live Green



Now that winter’s officially over, we have one thing on our minds: spring cleaning! From the dusty attic to the old shoes piling up in the closet, we’re likely not the only ones looking forward to a fresh and sparkling start. Before tackling that seemingly endless list of to-do’s, consider these five tips our team at Happy Stan’s have rounded up to ensure an eco-friendly spring clean.

  1. DIY Cleaning Products: Have you checked the labels of your cleaning products lately? Don’t be surprised if you find them chock-full of harmful and toxic chemicals that are not only bad for the environment, but bad for you, too! Swap these out for DIY cleaning solutions that include every-day ingredients such as baking soda and olive oil. Not sure where to start? Check out David Suzuki’s green cleaning recipes here.

  2. Reusable Cloths: Did you know 13 billion pounds of paper towel is used and disposed of each year? Instead of contributing to this alarming number, turn old towels or t-shirts into cleaning rags to tackle this year’s spring clean (and every clean hereafter). Perfect for dusting and scrubbing, they can also be washed and reused.

  3. Newspaper: Alternatively, if you feel DIY cloths won’t leave your mirrors as streak-free as you’d like, use newspaper to get the job done. Ecorazzi shares a great tip: just spray the glass with 50/50 water/vinegar, rub the glass with a dry cloth and then go over the surface with a piece of newspaper for streak-free, lint-free results.

  4. Greenery: Add a touch of springtime to your favourite spaces with plants that will continually purify the air. Easy to care for, these include spider plants, English ivy, rubber plants and peace lilies. Since indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top five environmental risks to public health, this easy solution is one that shouldn’t be forgotten about.

  5. Donate, Sell, Recycle: Once you’ve decided on which of your possessions you’ll be disposing of, consider whether any can be donated or sold. For those not suitable for reuse, try to recycle what you can. From computers and telephones to furniture and coat hangers, check out what we recycle here.

Have an eco-friendly spring cleaning tip we didn’t mention? Tweet us at @happystans!

Don’t throw it in the trash! Happy Stan’s Recycling has a better option for that.

March 3rd, 2017 • By: happy HSR Services



Although it may be hard to keep track of everything that can be recycled or reused, the reality is ‘garbage’ that can be rerouted from the landfill to our recycling depot go far beyond aluminum cans. Not sure where to start? Our team at Happy Stan’s Recycling rounded up 4 common household items that shouldn’t be trashed, but recycled instead.

  • Metal Keys and Locks: Easy to lose and easy to replace, it’s pretty typical to have a growing pile of keys and locks that seemly don’t belong to anything. Though they cannot be left in your curbside blue bins, they are accepted at various recycling depots, including ours! When recycled, keys can be melted down and used to create other keys and metal items.

  • Drywall: Renovating your home or office space? If you’re knocking down or putting up walls, the project can quickly become messy. Avoid the mess altogether and contact us for a junk removal bin, which can be left onsite during your renovation. Once filled, we will transport it back to our facility and recycle the drywall for you.

  • Car Tires: When no longer suitable for vehicle use, rubber tires can be recycled into hot melt asphalt and other tires, or reused and upcycled into swings in playgrounds and exercise equipment. Since they are non-biodegradable and run the risk of leaching toxins into the ground, it’s very important that tires are recycled properly. Our team is happy to both pick them up and dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner.

  • Propane Tanks: Although propane tanks are refillable, once expired they need to be replaced. If the fluid is completely drained, we will accept and safely recycle them. Classified as hazardous, propane tanks can cause serious injury or death as well as damage to the environment if disposed of improperly. Rest easy knowing our trained professionals will safely handle and dispose of the hazardous materials for you.

Curious about an item that we didn’t cover? Take a look at our website for a full list of recyclable items, or tweet us @happystans with your inquiries!

Happy Stan’s Tips for Reducing Holiday Waste

December 21st, 2016 • By: happy Eco Tips, Live Green, Uncategorized



Did you know that from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, household waste increases by more than 25%? With food, shopping bags and packaging, it’s easy to see how it can add up fast. Luckily, we can begin reducing this number with a few simple changes, and our team at Happy Stan’s Recycling have rounded up five waste-reducing tips that you can start implementing today.

  1. E-cards: Instead of spending money on cards, envelopes and stamps that will inevitably end up in the trash, send your holiday wishes via e-cards. Not only does this reduce waste, it also ensures your cards will arrive on time. If writing and sending cards is a family tradition, look for those printed on eco-friendly or recycled paper.

  2. Unplug: Sure, holiday lights look pretty, but they also use up a lot of electricity. Make a note to unplug the lights both inside and outside of your home any time before leaving the house. Turning them off during the night when people are unlikely to be out enjoying them is also a smart practice to put in place.

  3. Reuse: Instead of purchasing bows, ribbons, and gift bags each December, start collecting those you receive and reuse them the following year. Brown paper, newspaper, and fabric are also great alternatives to use in place of holiday wrapping paper, especially since they are commonly found around your home, and – bonus – can be recycled.

  4. Bulk up: Preparation is key when it comes to dinner parties and one of the best ways to do this is by stocking up on bulk food. Not only does this avoid excess packaging but it also allows for perfect meal planning. If you’re doing a potluck, try assigning different dishes to different people to avoid too much of one thing, so that multiples of the same dish don’t end up in the trash.

  5. Get crafty: Instead of buying items that have a lot of excess packaging, try your hand at a few homemade gifts. Popular ideas include gingerbread and shortbread cookies (or any holiday baking for that matter), ornaments, and scrubs. Eliminate waste completely by gifting experiences such as a movie night or a day out on the mountains.

    Do you have any other tips that you like to use? Tweet us at @happystans!

    Happy Holidays!

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