Incinerate Incinerators

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Think incineration is a good thing?


Incinerators are heavy polluters. When materials like plastics and paper are burned through incinerators, it releases harmful chemicals and toxins in the air, which then seep into our environment. It’s a common misconception that this makes garbage disappear, but at least 22% is typically reduced to ash that still must be landfilled, while heavy metals and other toxins can escape.

zero waste canada

Happy Stan’s General Manager and Zero Waste Canada Board Member, Jamie Kaminski, rallied in Richmond a few weeks ago for a call to end incineration (that’s him in the center in the yellow vest).

The $500 million dollars it would cost to emplace these could be spent on initiatives that won’t cause harm to human health. So what’s the alternative? Zero waste. With more sustainable solutions such as waste reduction, reusing and recycling, we can each take responsibility to live life greener and with more conscious decisions. For tips on how you can introduce this in your home, read our waste-less tips and visit Zero Waste Canada for more information. 

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Hot Off the (Recycled) Press!

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There has been some exciting new things happening over here at Happy Stan’s. So before you fall of the edge of your seat, we’ll get straight to it!

The Latest Zero Waste Canada Board Member: Happy Stan’s Jamie Kaminski!












Zero Waste Canada is on a mission to create an economy where waste is completely eliminated and resources are continuously reused. Through ZWC, our country has joined other experts from around the world to promote the best policies in order to reduce waste at the source: manufacturers. Their efforts are encouraging companies to redesign products that are repairable, reusable, and durable.

That’s why we’re thrilled that Happy Stan’s General Manager, Jamie Kaminski, has recently been elected on the Board! For more information on ZWC, visit their website, read our blog post, or feel free to contact us! Jamie and the rest of the HSR crew are Happy to answer any questions you may have on this exciting initiative.

We’ve Added a New Service!











If you’re renovating or just need to get rid of old stock, contact us! We’ll come pick you up your old carpets and have them recycled. If you’re looking to obtain LEED credits, this will help increase your score.

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Gamers, Take it to the Next Level and Recycle!



Video games, like other electronics, can create large amount of e-waste. Just take a look around your house right now and you’re likely to see an electronic graveyard. We tend to only think big things like computers, TVs or cell phones as e-waste, but video games also contribute to the landfills.

So before you head to an all-night session of Zelda, here are a few ideas to give new life to your old games:

1.   Donate them to local or national foundations for a good cause. Taking inventory of all your material possession can make you feel, well, a little materialistic. There are many organizations out there like Big Brothers that will be grateful for your donations to keep little kids smiling.

2.   Bring them to used video games or movie stores. They’re more than happy to take those off your hands with an exchange for cash to you. That’s a win-win!

3.   Sell them on the Internet. Websites like eBay or Amazon are a great way for you to seek potential buyers of your collection. Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! 

4.   Hand it over to us at Happy Stan! If you’ve outgrown your childhood games (admit it, you’ve still got Duck Hunt stashed away) or if they’ve seen their last level, the quickest and easiest way is to recycle them at your local recycling center, like ours!  Visit here for more details of our drop-off location.

5.   Sell them and other unwanted goods at the City of Port Coquitlam 5th Annual City-Wide Garage Sale. Make some money and meet great folks in the community!

So gamers, which out of the 5 will you do? Tweet us or post on our Facebook page to brag about your latest recycling moves! 

Zero Waste International Alliance Conference



Last week Happy Stan’s Recycling was one of 4 organizations representing Canada at the Zero Waste International Alliance Conference in Berkley, California. This exciting event brought together green leaders moving towards the same vision: a Zero Waste Economy.

 Zero Waste International Alliance








Can you spot Jamie? Fourth from the right in the second to last row.

So what exactly do we mean by “Zero Waste”? NO waste. If there is no waste, there is no need for landfills. Simple.

Would you believe that there is actually no need for incinerators or landfills? If this seems like an impossible goal, just look across the ocean. These ZW methods have been embraced by Sweden, and have been so effective that they’ve actually had to import garbage from other countries for their incinerators.

But if we have zero waste we do not need to burn or bury our resources! Just constantly re-use them in a circular economy.

If an entire country can achieve this kind of success, so can we.  We just need leadership and greater public knowledge about this issue. It’s about making small changes. From bringing cloth bags to haul groceries or packing your lunch with reusable containers. From there, you can take it a step further, like choosing products that have little to no packaging versus the same item that is unnecessarily wrapped in plastic and cardboard.

We’ll keep you posted on ZW updates, just follow us on Twitter @HappyStans and Facebook.



Earth Hour: Join the Global Community

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Earth Hour

Saturday, March 23rd, the world will turn their lights off at 8:30pm for the single largest symbolic mass participation event in the world: Earth Hour. The goal? Take action towards climate change.

Earth Hour



There are now 7, 001 cities and towns across 152 countries that switch off lights for an hour as a massive show of concern for our environment.




Since Vancouver”s been named by the World Wildlife Federation as the Earth Hour Capital, the pressure is on to lead by example. Some of Vancouver’s biggest hotels and restaurants are taking part, dimming or completely switching off for a romantic hour to dine by candlelight. Rogers Arena will also power down. Lights, signage, ventilation and even the ice plant will be switched off from 8:30 to 9:30pm.

The goal of Earth Hour is to show the world that small measures can make a huge difference. So, how will you power down? Post your pictures of how you spent Earth Hour on our Facebook page, or tweet us @HappyStans.

Let’s keep the green initiatives going longer than 60 minutes. We’ll be sharing more tips to live green and think sustainability and eventually become a Zero Waste community, so keep an eye on our blog for updates!


Photo Sources: Earth Hour


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