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Eco-friendly Wedding Bells

      With 67% of weddings in Canada occurring between the months of June and September, chances are you’ve attended at least one nuptial this summer. If you’re about to get hitched or are planning your big day, we know just how hectic it can get. Between picking the venue, flowers, and catering, tying […]

Sustainable Spring Cleaning: Part 1

      Spring is almost here! As we bid adieu to winter and usher in spring, it’s the perfect time to purge, clean and organize. However, all of that cleaning means you probably have a lot of items that are ready to be tossed. Instead of creating landfill waste, there are plenty of ways […]

Eco Home Renovations

     Summer is the most popular time for home renovations. Many use the warm summer months to update the kitchen, build a deck, or re-do the roof. If you’re considering selling your home, these addition will likely add value to your property. However, there’s another important aspect to consider that buyers look at: environmental […]

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

      We know Elvis had a Blue Christmas, and Bing Crosby dreamt of a White Christmas, but we want to help you make yours a Green Christmas.                 Buy with purpose: Many people get caught up in the holidays and feel the pressure to buy something […]

Gifting Green

    Are you a last-minute shopper? If you’re one of those people who leaves their holiday lists to the last possible second, we’ve got some great ideas to keep the tree filled with unique and eco-friendly presents this season! Give the gift of health by purchasing a membership to a community or fitness center, […]

Awesome…or Ridiculous?

    It’s the weekend, so let’s have some fun in a little game we like to call, Awesome or Ridiculous. There are some pretty innovative people out there, but are these ideas on the cusp of genius or just plain, well, ridiculous?                 A clock that also […]

Sustainable Art is Painting the Green Picture

    Maybe it’s because we’re still buzzing from excess Halloween candy, but we’ve had a sudden strike of artistic inspiration after spotting these amazing pieces made from unwanted materials. Sure, anyone can just pick up a paintbrush, but what would you do with 40,000 junk mail flyers? Check out how some people have thought […]

A New Idea: Reinventing Yesterday’s Newspaper

     There are a lot more ways to recycle your old newspapers and junk mail than just throwing them in the blue bin. So before you chuck today’s headlines, maybe you should consider reinventing them. Here are some innovative ways to reduce, reuse,and recycle the news:  1. Wrap it up. Replace expensive giftwrap with […]

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