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POCO Fire Fighters Partner Up with HSR and Foam Only to Give Back

      Didn”t quite get around to cleaning-up holiday debris?               Perfect! Procrastination has finally reaped its rewards, as this weekend you can drop off your Christmas lights, strands, and Styrofoam and give back! Port Coquitlam fire fighters, online slots HSR Services, and Foam Only will be collecting […]

Gifting Green

    Are you a last-minute shopper? If you’re one of those people who leaves their holiday lists to the last possible second, we’ve got some great ideas to keep the tree filled with unique and eco-friendly presents this season! Give the gift of health by purchasing a membership to a community or fitness center, […]

A Green Holiday

    There are more ways to make this holiday green than just a tree and decorations. This time of year is all about showing your loved ones how much you care, but keep in mind that you can also show the planet some festive love as well. From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, household […]

Tweeting Green

      Are you a tweeter? Okay you caught us, we love to tweet. It’s a great channel to connect with other eco-loving, recycling-pushing, sustainably-living peeps across the globe. Everyday we learn something new, in fact here are just a few crazy eco facts we found in our newsfeed:           […]

Rockin’ It Out for Charity

          This past weekend, our General Manager Jamie Kaminski rocked it out at the Christmas Climbing Marathon and Fundraiser, climbing 60 routes or 2,700 feet. Put on by the Vancouver Rock Climbing Group and Cliffhanger Coquitlam, proceeds from the event go towards Habitat for Humanity of Greater Vancouver, whose mission is […]

Got Polystyrene?

                    What takes… 500 years to degrade? Makes up 30% of the landfills worldwide? Releases 90 hazardous chemicals in our environment when burned? Polystyrene, commonly referred to as Styrofoam, is a petroleum-based plastic. Cheap and lightweight, it’s been a popular packaging material for years. Though it’s […]

Put the Green in Black Friday

  It’s not unusual to find people sleeping outside their favorite retail stores to take advantage of the markdowns the day after American Thanksgiving. However, while credit cards are racking up on the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday will have a very different outcome for America’s largest retail chain.        […]

Sustainable Art is Painting the Green Picture

    Maybe it’s because we’re still buzzing from excess Halloween candy, but we’ve had a sudden strike of artistic inspiration after spotting these amazing pieces made from unwanted materials. Sure, anyone can just pick up a paintbrush, but what would you do with 40,000 junk mail flyers? Check out how some people have thought […]

There’s Someone Who Needs to Start Dieting…

    We hope we”re not being too offensive, but your trash can has been looking a little…er…heavy these days. It”s not his fault; all he does is just sit underneath your sink and eat junk food all day. Can you really blame him? Now is the perfect time to put that garbage of yours […]

A Waste of E-Waste

    It seems like every week people are anxiously lining-up around the block to obtain the newest iPhone, iPad, or computer. And although you may have purchased yours only a couple of months ago, your current device quickly becomes outdated for the latest and greatest advancement. Needless to say it’s hard to keep up. […]

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