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The War on Cars?

    On path to becoming the Greenest City by 2040, Vancouver city councilors unanimously passed a transportation plan that aims to increase the foot, bike and transit trips from 44 to 66% by 2040. For those of you who have sat through the stop-and-go Broadway corridor, you’ll understand the need to make some changes. […]

Are your wheels Green?

    Whether you’re driving this… or this… Rainy weather and colder temperatures means that many of us will However, it is important to understand that the rights of children with disabilities who are placed by their parents in private elementary schools and secondary schools are not the same as those of kids with disabilities […]

Conserve the Love and Dine Out Tonight!

  “Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.” – Henry Youngman Humor aside, when was the last time you had a date night? Now you have no […]

There’s Someone Who Needs to Start Dieting…

    We hope we”re not being too offensive, but your trash can has been looking a little…er…heavy these days. It”s not his fault; all he does is just sit underneath your sink and eat junk food all day. Can you really blame him? Now is the perfect time to put that garbage of yours […]

A Waste of E-Waste

    It seems like every week people are anxiously lining-up around the block to obtain the newest iPhone, iPad, or computer. And although you may have purchased yours only a couple of months ago, your current device quickly becomes outdated for the latest and greatest advancement. Needless to say it’s hard to keep up. […]

Lunch Time! Save Money, Calories, and the Planet with our Green Tips

                Like so many of us, you’re busy. Between work, friends, family, exercise, errands, and all of the other things you have to accomplish throughout your day, finding time to pack a lunch that’s healthy, nutritious, and waste-free may seem like an impossible task. However, it’s a lot […]

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