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Happy Stan’s Tips for Reducing Holiday Waste

    Did you know that from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, pills household waste increases by more than 25%? With food, nurse shopping bags and packaging, it’s easy to see how it can add up fast. Luckily, we can begin reducing this number with a few simple changes, and our team at Happy Stan’s […]

Happy Stan’s Recycling Office Clean-up Tips

    With the end of the year fast approaching, ailment there’s no better time than now to whip your office into shape. To ensure you start off 2017 with a clean slate, the crew at Happy Stan’s Recycling are sharing their most convenient and efficient services that are guaranteed to help optimize your workspace. […]

How to Stay Eco-Friendly in School

    Now that the school year is well underway, check have you noticed any eco-friendly changes that could be made in the classroom or your own routine at home? We know how hectic your schedule may be, which means you may not even be aware of how to make a greener footprint when your […]

Favourite Local Hot Spots in the Tri-Cities

      As summer begins to wind down, buy information pills we’re finding ourselves spending as much time as possible enjoying the beautiful warm weather – and we know we’re not the only ones! With temperatures expected to rise in the coming weeks, capsule the Happy Stan’s Recycling team will be looking to our […]

Keeping Up with Happy Stan’s Recycling

      It’s been a busy few months at Happy Stan’s Recycling! If you haven’t been keeping up with us on Instagram or Facebook, than you may have missed us spreading the green word at some great events around Greater Vancouver. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to… Earth Day Celebrations Back […]

Food Waste: Live Green with Happy Stan’s Recycling

      January is all about resolving to break bad habits. However, information pills we all know it can be easier said than done, viagra order particularly if there is no action plan involved. Whether it’s losing weight or saving money, pills the crew at Happy Stan’s Recycling in Port Coquitlam challenge you to […]

Keeping Up with Happy Stan’s!

    We’ve had a busy few months here at Happy Stan’s, visit this site and though we’re not typically ones to brag, information pills we can’t help but share a few exciting announcements. Our team has recently received accreditation from ContractorCheck, an independent, third party health and safety pre-qualification accreditation program for contractors. Their […]

The Dangers of Plastic

      Due to its convenience and durable nature, troche plastic is one of the most widespread forms of packaging. In the last fifty years, over 1 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced. What makes this a really scary fact is that every piece of plastic produced still remains somewhere on this earth […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle at Happy Stan’s Recycling

    Recycling goes beyond just bottles and cardboard. In fact, medications the things you use on a daily basis can be given new life once their time is up. By knowing which appliances and objects can be rerouted from the landfill to the recycling depot, (or better yet upcycled!), we can all help contribute […]

Responsible Consumption

    Food production is a major culprit in the consumption of natural resources. According to the United Nations Environment Program, sildenafil if current consumption and production patterns remain the same, illness by 2050 we will need three planets to sustain our wasteful lifestyle. That’s why it’s so important that we take steps to minimize […]

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