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How to Stay Cool without AC

    Not only does it save the environment, being green saves you money! Yes, we’re talking about cash. Summer can be unforgiving in terms of the heat. What do you do when it’s so hot outside AND inside? Probably buy an air conditioning unit so you feel like you are living in an igloo. […]


      Who else has been spending their time soaking under the sun after work and finding shelter in the basements at night this past week? I’m definitely not complaining about this hot weather because it leaves for so many activities! Activities which are usually free! Last week we discussed the importance of getting […]

Oh, Mister Sun, Sun

      “Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun, Please shine down on me” Don’t we all remember this song from our childhood? What about the times when we would spend the whole day outside when it is nice? Take a stick and dig dirt to make a batch of mud cookies. So what […]

(r)E-duce, (r)E-use, (r)E-cycle

      “Reduce, reuse, recycle”. This mantra has been repeated by many to remind us how we can reduce our carbon footprint. It is a very helpful and simple mantra we all can say to ourselves. Technological companies have started to adopt the “Reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. A recent post on the EcoLeader Blog, names […]

“Shake and Fold” to Save Trees

      Who would’ve thought that these hand paper towels would cost so much for the environment. In the United States alone, 230,000 pounds of paper towels are used every year. For one tonne of paper towel, it requires around 8299 gallons of water (which is equivalent to 166 baths). This number is overwhelming—especially […]


      To accommodate everybody who was unable to bring in their electronics for free this week, Happy Stan’s will be open this Saturday October 22nd from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Please bring all your electronics, household batteries, scrap metal, cardboard, newspaper, and office paper to support waste reduction week in our community!

Accepting ALL Waste Electronics and Small Appliances at NO COST

    Happy Stan”s Recycling Services. To Celebrate national Waste Reduction Week, Happy Stan”s will be accepting all waste electronics and small appliances at no cost at our materials recovery facility at 1603 Langan Avenue, Port Coquitlam. From October 17th – 23rd.

Backyard BBQ with Mayor Greg Moore

      I have to admit… I was a little worried when I heard Mayor Moore was having a back yard BBQ for the members of the Chamber… But it turned out to be a great success. There was even parking for my mountain bike. Food consisted of Veggie and beef burgers, delicious watermelon. […]

RCBC Trailer Trashed

      It’s great how there are so many unique and wonderful ways to support the education of environmental stewardship. This short film is one of my favorites. Take a look at it and many more on YouTube.

Oxford Properties Annual Eco-Fair!

    What a great two days of showing off what Oxford properties has been doing to help their tenants make ethical purchasing decisions. Many tenants came out to see what was being offered in terms of recycling and sustainable purchase practices. But really who could resist free Hagan Daz ice cream!

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