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Being Silver and Being Green

        You may not think it, but the pre-boomer generation were the original recyclers. Except they just didn’t call it that. They called it being frugal. They called it simply a way of life.Preservation was an important endeavour for this generation and it was based completely out of necessity. Many different materials were […]

The 5 Rules of Back to School

    The three R’s have a completely different meaning than they did 175 years ago when the expression was first coined. They are no longer Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. It’s all about the 5 R’s now: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose and Reframe. Back to school means one thing – new stuff! There are ways, […]

Office Recycling Starts with You

      Though it may seem like these four items have nothing in common, they all share a common destiny: the landfill. Unfortunately many people are unaware of the extensive list of items that can actually be recycled (including these four above). The amount you can salvage from the landfills really is endless, just […]

Living With Less Stuff

    A recent article published in the New York Times, “Living With Less. A Lot Less” talked about how one man became so overcome with acquiring more and more things he eventually became ‘numb’ to what he was even purchasing. The things that used to excite him, like the latest gadgets to expensive cars, […]

Green Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

    Meteorologists are predicting record-breaking heat this summer in Metro Vancouver. While this is good news for ice cream companies, it’s bad news for homeowners. Sticking to your leather furniture or lying awake because it’s simply too hot to sleep aren’t exactly your ideas of summer fun.  In the depths of July and August, […]

Be an Eco-Globetrotter: Take Green Vacations!

      With the school season almost over, many families are planning for a much-deserved getaway. But travelling doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from living green,as there are plenty of options for you to keep the planet and your family happy. Check out some of the green vacations the Happy Stan’s team […]

Pedal Power: It’s Bike to Work Week!

    It’s Bike to Work Week in Metro Vancouver! Don’t burn fossils fuels, burn calories by swapping four wheels for two. If you’re apprehensive to make the switch, we’ve got some pointers to help you commute safely and efficiently. Scope Your Route. Before hitting the road, investigate the best bike routes. Find out where […]

Give Your Mom the Gift of Green for Mother’s Day

       Sure, you could give mom the usual gifts like flowers and perfume for Mother’s Day. But what about giving her something that’s more meaningful? You don’t need to spend an arm and leg. In fact, the best gifts of all often don’t cost very much. So this Mother’s Day, give her the […]

Incinerate Incinerators

    Think incineration is a good thing? THINK AGAIN. Incinerators are heavy polluters. When materials like plastics and paper are burned through incinerators, it releases harmful chemicals and toxins in the air, which then seep into our environment. It’s a common misconception that this makes garbage disappear, but at least 22% is typically reduced […]

Hot Off the (Recycled) Press!

    There has been some exciting new things happening over here at Happy Stan’s. So before you fall of the edge of your seat, we’ll get straight to it! The Latest Zero Waste Canada Board Member: Happy Stan’s Jamie Kaminski!                     Zero Waste Canada is […]

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