Green Christmas: DIY Gift Ideas

By happy • December 13th, 2017



During the busy holiday season, it’s often expensive and challenging to find the right gift for that special someone. This year, skip the retail madness and gift your friends and family with a DIY gift! Not only are handmade gifts sentimental, but they can also save you money while being eco-friendly. We’ve made a list of DIY gifts that are festive and easy for you to make!

1. Fizzy Bath Bombs








While bath bombs are popular gifts, they can also be expensive and harsh on the skin. Instead of buying them, arrange a craft night with your friends and make these beautiful bath bombs! Add scents such as lavender, peppermint or sweet rose for ultimate relaxation during this busy season.

2. Healthy and Comforting









Making granola at home is quick and easy to do! Homemade also means you can control the amount of sugar and ingredients you add. Keeping sustainability in mind, buy in bulk and use local and organic ingredients. Gift this delicious treat in a reusable mason jar and you’ll be sure to please all your foodie friends!

3. Coffee Scented Candles










Instead of throwing out your to-go cup, use the cup as a mold for homemade candles! Melt leftover wax candle ends, add some coffee grounds, and you’ve got a beautiful scented gift.

4. Cell phone cases







Feeling extra crafty? Head to a thrift store and find a leather jacket you can repurpose into cell a phone case.

5. Personalized Coasters









If you’re heading to a Christmas dinner, coasters are a great gift for the host. Choose from cork, tile, wood or leather, and add your personalized touch. From lace to paint to felt, the options are endless.

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